The Blind Lemon

Live Music, Cocktails And Atmosphere

The sign out front is small and simple, a tribute to a famous Texas bluesman, long since gone. The passageway is narrow; high walls of concrete and brick reaching up to the night sky. There is music, always music – and voices, comfortable laughter and conversation, the sounds of ice against glass. A few more steps and there it is: the patio, the bar – The Blind Lemon.

In keeping with our namesake, Blind Lemon Jefferson’s tradition we offer nightly live entertainment. You will find a variety of music styles ranging from Blues, Rock, and Jazz all played acoustically filtering through our unique interior and one of a kind garden atop the hill in Mount Adams. The Blind Lemon has been recognized as one of the best bars in Cincinnati and the country. Whether you sit on a warm summer evening in our lush garden or on a crisp fall evening holding one of our signature winter drinks around the outdoor bonfire you are in for a one of a kind experience. The interior of the bar offers an amazing collection of antique toys, pocket watches and iconic memorabilia creating a cozy welcoming atmosphere.

We opened our doors in May of 1963 and have been under the same management from the get go. Through the years many local and famous guests have stopped in and joined our Blind Lemon family. The man behind the bar has served them all, his name is Walter Brown. If Walter does not attach a drink and name to a face he will before the night is out. Often times Eddie Shepard, the owner, can be seen tending to every detail or sharing stories with patrons. The tradition and style of The Blind Lemon have created a legendary experience that must be shared.

We invite you to stop up on the hill and have a drink with and enjoy the experience of Cincinnati’s most unique and romantic patio bar.

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